TeamCity and Octopus Deploy

There have been a lot of writings about continuous integration and  automated deploy and why “doing it”. This post is not about that, but rather about what does it take to set up the entire automated flow from the step when the code is checked into the SC to the final step when the software is deployed. The tools I will be using are TeamCity and Octopus Deploy, and the application is a web application written in C# with Visual Studio. The code will be stored in a git repo hosted in BitBucket. The entire set up will be done on one machine and the OS used is windows 10.

Reasons for choosing TeamCity, Octo, and BitBucket are quite simple; all of them provide free use for single users or small teams, they have great documentation and are pretty easy to start working with. Now let’s get started:

Installing and setting up TeamCity (part 2)

Installing and setting up Octopus Deploy (part 3)

Configuring TeamCity (part 4)

Configuring Octopus Deploy (part 5)

Tools used: